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Vanguard: The troops that move at the front of the army.

You may be asking the following questions:
Is there any purpose or significance to the use of banners/flags?
Is the use banners/flags scriptural?
The answer to both of these questions is "YES".

Let me give you a little history or how I got involved with banners/flags & dance.

I had never used banners/flags nor had I ever seen them used (that I can recall) before 1998 when a lady came into our church body with them. I saw her using these banners/flags and something was quickened inside of me. I talked to her a little about banners/flags, but I said to myself, "Oh no, not me. I don't want to detract from the service. I don't want to be a spectacle."

In one service, she was using a set of purple banners/flags and she handed them to someone to use on the left front corner of the altar/platform and then, she went and got a set of red banners/flags. She posted herself on the right front corner of the altar/platform area. At about that time the Lord had told me to get the yellow banners/flags and use them in the center section of the altar area, but I didn't think that it was the Lord speaking, so I ignored it. Well… she then handed off the red banners/flags to someone and went and got the yellow banners/flags and began to use them in the very area that the Lord had told me to go. I knew then that it was the Lord speaking.

After that, I asked to use her banners/flags and she was gracious enough to allow me to borrow them. They felt very awkward to me and really took some getting used to. I would use them in a rather vacant area in the back of the sanctuary. She later came to me with her yellow banners/flags and said the Lord told me to give these to you. I was sooo honored, and felt that I just couldn't take these banners/flags from her. But, since she said that the Lord had told her to do it, I had better take them. I knew then that the Lord was calling me to worship Him with banners/flags.

He shared with me why I was uncomfortable still with the banners/flags that Sue had given me and directed me to make some and how they were to be constructed.

It still was not a ministry; it was simply a way for me to express my personal worship. When I worshiped & praised the Lord with the banners/flags there was at times an intimacy that was far greater than when I had worshiped without them. As I would worship I could almost picture my self at times rolling out a red carpet for the Lord to walk on. I was already the prayer banner coordinator and as time went on, the Holy Spirit showed me that using the banners/flags was not only for me but was a ministry to others - an inspiration, a sign post, an encouragement.

I them found myself doing more different kinds of moves that I didn't understand so I asked the Holy Spirit and He revealed the meanings and I then realized that using the praise banners/flags had now incorporated intercession & spiritual warfare.

Through this ministry, God has done quite a work in me. I am in awe of Him, who made me. At times I have wanted to stop using banners and dancing in the worship services at church, but each time I hear the Lord saying, "Are you going to rob me of my worship?" To that I cry out, "No, Lord!" This reminds me, each time, that when I use the banners/flags and dance, it's not for me or anyone else, but it is for God. If he chooses to use what I do to minister to someone else, that's His business. My business is just to honor Him in my worship and do what He has called me to do.

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